Canadian Muslims call on Prime Minister Trudeau to scrap anti-hijab law

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

alliance of muslims Canada (NCCM) asked the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeauto abolish the country’s anti-hijab (UU) law.

The lawsuit came after an incident when a teacher was kicked out of class for wearing a hijab. The CNMC also created a petition asking Trudeau to abolish the law.

Earlier in 2019, Canada passed a law banning the use of religious symbols in Quebec’s Act 21.

The law prohibits public servants in Canada from wearing the hijab, skullcap, turban or cross. Some residents have also rejected Quebec’s Bill 21 law.

quote from Anadoluthe rejection escalated after one of the school’s female teachers was kicked out of class for wearing the hijab.

NCCM CEO Mustafa Farooq said Fatemeh Anvari, the teacher who was expelled, was a brave woman because her principle always wore hijab.

“It’s a shame he’s not the first, nor the last while the Quebec 21 law is in place,” Farooq said.

Farooq said his party is currently fighting in the Court of Appeals to overturn the law deemed abhorrent.

Meanwhile, Trudeau once said that the province could not regulate its citizens on the clothes they wear. However, the CNMC urged Trudeau to act decisively by intervening in the repeal of the law.

“Sign our petition asking the Prime Minister (Trudeau) to intervene in our lawsuit. The advocacy has started and MPs have started moving to ask the Prime Minister to do the right thing,” Farooq said.

“Let’s make it happen now. In court, in the media and on the streets. We won’t stop until this rule is abolished.”


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