Canadian model Winnie Harlow attends the Diriyah E-Prix electric Formula E car race in Saudi Arabia

SERAMBINEWS.COM, DUBAI – Models Canada, Winnie Harlow Look Saudi Arabia last weekend to attend Formula E E-Prize Diriyah.

The model was among thousands of fans who watched 22 electric racing car fastest ever built for the second time last weekend.

“Experience in Formula E second to none and I really enjoy the vibe, the people, the atmosphere and the racing,” he said.

“I went to Saudi Arabia many times and always had a great experience so I like it Formula E is in Diriyah,” Harlow said, as reported by Arab News, Tuesday (1/31/2023).

“Living in a more sustainable world and being able to enjoy motorsport at the same time is great,” he added.

Harlow dated John Legend, Martin Garrix, Miguel and French Montana, who took part in the post-race concert series which ran from Saturday (1/28/2023) to Sunday (1/29/2023).

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Star of the Netflix series “Emily in Paris” Lucien Laviscount was also present.

“I’m a big fan of motorsport and everything related to cars,” he explains.

“Seeing the new GEN3 race car on the track for the first time is crazy,” he said.

“It looks like a fighter jet with wheels and looks like something out of a sci-fi movie,” he added.

Formula E lead the world in electric car innovation,” he said.

“I’m queuing up for electric vehicles and it really gives me a taste,” he explains.

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