Canadian-made parts found in Iranian drone used by Russia to attack Ukraine

OTTAWA, Canadian authorities are investigating how Canadian-made parts ended up in Iranian drones used by Russia to attack Ukraine.

It was said by Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau on Monday (5/12/2022).

Local Canadian media reported that the agency thinking group European Statewatch and authorities in Kyiv recovered an antenna component from Ottawa-based Tallysman Wireless from an Iranian-made Shahed 136 drone that was part of the Russian arsenal.

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“We are obviously very concerned about the reports,” Trudeau said.

“We don’t want (Canadian technology) to be used in Russia’s illegal war on Ukraine or Iran’s contribution to it,” he said. from the press agency AFP.

He alluded to Canada’s strict enforcement of export permits for sensitive technologies.

“We’re going to follow this endeavor, to try to figure out exactly how things that shouldn’t fall into the hands of people like the Iranian government actually get there,” Trudeau said.

He confirmed that Tallysman Wireless is fully prepared to cooperate with the investigation process.

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Ottawa recently sanctioned several Iranian drone manufacturers.

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