Canadian Environment Agency issues temperature rise warning

Tribes in Ontario, Canada are expected to reach 32 degrees Celsius.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TRENTON — Environment and Climate Agency Canada or Environment Canada on Monday (6/20/2022) warned temperature rise in the province of Ontario, which is usually colder. The agency estimates that temperatures in the northern city of Thunder Bay and southwest of the city of Windsor could reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 32 degrees Celsius.

The Canadian Environment and Climate Agency said that taking humidity levels into account, the temperature would reach 104 Fahrenheit or 40 Celsius. The agency said the high temperatures would likely lead to lower air quality. The agency recommends residents perform health checks on family members who are elderly or elderly.

“Extreme heat affects everyone. The risk is great for young children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, and people who work or play sports outside,” the official said. Canadian Environment Agency in a press release. Anadolu AgencyTuesday (6/21/2022).

The agency said those who work outdoors should make sure they drink enough water to avoid dehydration. The Canadian Environment Agency also warns that pets should not be left in vehicles, even with the windows rolled down.

The Canadian Environment Agency said temperatures could reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday and Wednesday (6/22/2022) in the Windsor area. Warning extreme heat was also issued for the province of Manitoba with an estimated temperature of 90 Fahrenheit. On Sunday (6/19/2022), the province recorded record heat as temperatures hit the mid-90s Fahrenheit.

The Canadian Environment Agency warns residents to be aware of heat stroke or heat sickness such as fainting, swelling and cramping. This disease causes adverse effects on those who have certain health conditions.

The northwestern region of Ontario has experienced extreme weather conditions this year. Spring storms brought extreme snowfall, while torrential rains caused severe flooding.

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