Canadian Defense Minister Says Ukraine Won the War Precisely Because Putin United NATO

HALIFAX, KOMPAS.TV – Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand said Ukraine had won the war against the Russian invasion. He also said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions simply unite NATO and renew the alliance’s goals.

This was conveyed by Anand during the opening of the Halifax International Security Forum in Nova Scotia, Canada on Friday (11/18/2022). He said the Ukrainian troops were more disciplined and better trained than the Russians.

“The spirit and determination of the Ukrainian people and President Zelensky continue to inspire us all. Ukraine’s armed forces are mobile, disciplined and better trained – and they have already won,” Anand said. Associated press.

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Russian troops have recently been pushed back by Ukraine on several fronts. More recently, Russia was forced to withdraw from Kherson, the only provincial capital that Moscow has seized from Ukraine since its Feb. 24 invasion.

However, Russia’s long-range attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure have raised fears that the country will face a harsh winter without electricity or heating.

According to Anand, Putin had mistakenly assumed that Russian troops would easily gain Ukraine and assumed that the West would remain silent during the invasion of kyiv.

“Putin miscalculated. A full-scale, unprovoked Russian invasion only strengthened NATO’s resolve and unity, and renewed it purposeher,” Anand said.

The Halifax International Security Forum brought together a number of senior defense officials from Western nations. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also participated in this forum.

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