Canadian company offers a salary of one billion rupees, his job is just to taste sweets at home, Jakarta A company Candy in Canada offers a very pleasant job and can be the dream of many people. Candy Funhouse, retailer on line candies from candy chewing gum and licorice chocolate bars from Canada, offers an exciting job called Chief Candy Officer.

This vacation is open to the public, even for children as young as five years old. It’s no joke, the requirement to get this job is to be at least five years old and live in North America.

Wages that they offer US$78,000 or Rp. 1.1 billion per year. Her responsibilities include chairing candy council meetings and being chief taste tester. “And of course all the fun stuff,” they said CNNWednesday, August 3, 2022.

Candy Funhouse CEO Jamal Hejazi said since opening via LinkedIn last July, thousands of applicants have applied for the position. He was surprised by the number of applicants and predicted that candidates might be interested in the offer.

“Imagine, workers can work with the best candy memories and have those candies every day at work,” he said.

Candy Funhouse, based in Toronto, Canada, run by four brothers in their twenties and thirties who grew up in the area. Their parents owned a local donut shop and restaurant.

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