Canadian Companies Open Job Offer Candy Tasting Salary Rp1 M

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Candy Funhouse, online retailer of candy bars Chocolate until chewing gum and original liquorice Canada offers an interesting job called Chief Candy Officer. Vacancies are open to the public, even children as young as five years old.

The salary they offer is US$78,000 or Rs 1.159 billion per year. His duties include chairing candy council meetings, serving as chief taste tester.

“And of course all the fun stuff,” they said, as quoted by CNN Business on Tuesday (2/8).

Managing Director Jamal Hejazi said that since the position was opened via LINKedIn last July, thousands of candidates have applied for the position.

He was surprised by the number of applicants. Hijazi believes that candidates might be interested in the offer.

“Imagine, workers can work with the best candy memories and have those candies every day at work,” he said.

Toronto-based Candy Funhouse is run by a quartet of 20 and 30 siblings who grew up in the area. Their parents owned a local donut shop and restaurant.

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“My brother Mo, a candy headfounded it in 2018 and my mother is employee number 2,” Hejazi said, adding that he and a younger sister and brother later joined the company.

The company has 340,000 followers on Instagram and 3 million on TikTok. One of his followers was a Kardhasian.

In 2021, store sales were hit hard by the pandemic.

“Just under $15 million. I’m not kidding,” Hejazi said.


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