Canadian citizen falls from the Suluban Bridge

The SAR team evacuated a Caucasian Canadian suspected of having fallen from the Suluban Bridge, Badung. (BP/Special)

MANGUPURA, – A foreign national (foreigner), HSA (35) is believed to have fallen from Suluban Bridge, Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung on Saturday (7/5) overnight. The Balawista Pecatu requested evacuation assistance from Bali Basarnas (Denpasar Search and Rescue Office) at around 6:10 p.m. WITA.

Bali Basarnas office chief Gede Darmada, SE, MAP said his party sent 9 people to evacuate the Canadian. “We received the report at 6:10 p.m. WITA from Mr. Somer,” he explained.

Darmada said the suspicion of someone falling from the bridge was found because a motorcycle was found around the bridge. Sure enough, from the top of the bridge, there were victims lying under the bridge.

We know the height of the bridge, about 50 meters. “Looking at the evacuation field, the team is equipped with mountaineering equipment,” he explained.

According to him, the evacuation takes quite a long time, because it takes into account the condition of the victims who have fallen from the bridge. The evacuation process lasted nearly an hour. “When personnel were dispatched to check on the condition of the victim, it was found that he was still safe, and as soon as possible a stretcher was lowered to lift the victim onto the deck,” Gede Darmada said. .

The transfer of the victim really required care and precision, so the joint SAR team was finally able to help the victim to safety. After being evacuated, the victim received first aid and was transported by ambulance from Banser Badung Regency to Bali Jimbaran Hospital.

The victim suffered injuries and a first diagnosis of a broken left arm. During the evacuation, SAR elements from Bali Basarnas, South Kuta Police, Badung Regency Balawista, Babinkamtibmas, Babinsa and Labuan Sait Balawista, as well as the local community were involved. (Yudi Karnaedi/balipost)

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