Canadian Caucasians admire the panorama of the Tembolon waterfall

REDELONG – Object round cascade Timbolon who are in the village TimbolonShia Utama District, Bener Meriah, has now become an object round New.

In the object round In this case, visitors can enjoy the beautiful natural atmosphere and a small pond under the waterfall slide.

thing round cascade Timbolon lies on the Belang Jorong-Samar Kilang road at a distance of about 30 kilometers from Redelong, the capital of Bener Meriah Regency.

To access the object round Here, visitors can use two- or four-wheeled vehicles.

Observation TribunGayo.comin object round Here, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of the waterfall which is so clear, natural places to take photos, and there is also a small pool for children to play.

At the same time, the group of representatives from the Canadian Embassy, ​​Ms. Jessica Chang, who was about to return from Samarkilang, also took the time to take some pictures of the object. round them.

Canada woman said, object round The water Timbolon it’s a beautiful time, especially on the road to Samarkilang we have a natural panorama that really spoils the eye.

Then there are a lot of mountains and the people are friendly.

“I’m very interested in this circuit, especially since there are a lot of mountains around, the place is beautiful.

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The people here are also friendly,” Jessica said. TribunGayo.comTuesday (10/1/2023).

In the meantime, for visitors who want round object round this, before arriving at round Timbolonpara roundWan first encounters the object round Wow Kanis.

A fairly heavy river with such clear water and very suitable for white water rafting.

Then from Wih Kanis to Timbolon not too far.

The waterfall is at the end of the village Timbolon.

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