Canadian and Chinese military planes almost ‘collided’ near North Korea

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Canadian military has accused Chinese Air Force pilots of unprofessional and unsafe behavior during their recent encounter in international airspace.

The Canadian planes involved were deployed over Japan as part of a multinational effort to enforce UN sanctions against North Korea, which faces international sanction over its nuclear weapons programs and ballistic missiles.

The Canadian Armed Forces said the People’s Liberation Army Air Force “failed to meet international aviation safety standards” on several occasions.

“This interaction was unprofessional and/or endangered the safety of (Royal Canadian Air Force) personnel,” the Canadian military statement said. AFPThursday (2/6/2022).

In some cases, Canadian pilots must quickly change their flight path to avoid a potential collision with an intercepting aircraft in mid-air.

According to the statement, Chinese planes sometimes try to divert Canadian planes from their flight path and fly so close that the crew is clearly visible.

The statement said such interactions in international airspace during UN-sanctioned missions were becoming more frequent, adding that “these incidents were also handled through diplomatic channels.”

As is known, US intelligence said North Korea appeared to be preparing for its first nuclear test since 2017.

The United States on Thursday pushed for a vote in the UN Security Council on tougher sanctions after North Korea carried out a series of rocket launches, including, according to American and South Korean officials. , an intercontinental ballistic missile.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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