Canada’s Climate Ministry will have an armory and an interrogation room, here’s why


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks in parliament. Photos/REUTERS

OTTAWA – The Canadian Department of Environment and Climate Change (ECCC) facility under construction in Winnipeg will have a large firearms storage room, as well as several evidence rooms and a ‘examination.

The news was reported by CounterSignal who claimed to have received a leaked copy of the architectural plan made by the Winnipeg company.

CounterSignal released photos showing some of the most disturbing tags on Tuesday (8/23/2022).

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The 50,000 square foot building also includes a biology lab, a media relations office, a weather forecasting station and, perhaps most worrisome given its implications, facilities to house hundreds of people, including “law enforcement officers” who work for the ECCC.

“Law enforcement officers” are essentially climate cops, given equal powers by the Impact Assessment Act 2019, which is supposed to be legislation to reduce the impact of climate change. energy, agriculture and other major projects on indigenous peoples and the environment.

They can enter any property without a warrant to check for IAA compliance, take photos, access computers, phones and other devices, issue orders to anyone using machinery or even demand that premises are vacated and future access is prohibited.

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According to job postings on, Canada currently employs these “law enforcement officers” who enforce pollution regulations.

They were given secret security clearances and weapons, which they carried with handcuffs, in whatever environmental conditions Ottawa asked them to inspect.

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