Canada sanctions 10 people involved in the invasion of Ukraine


Canada sanction 10 people involved in the invasion Ukraine. One of them is a senior Canadian government official.

Reported from BBCCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau These 10 people include “former and senior officials of the current government, oligarchs and supporters of Russian leadership”.

Tudeau’s remarks were made during a joint press conference with the British and Dutch prime ministers.

However, it is not known who these 10 people are.

Third round meeting between Ukraine and Russia

Talks for the third time between Russian and Ukrainian officials over the invasion are ongoing. The meeting took place on the border of Belarus and Poland.

Reported AFP, on Monday (03/07/2022), information about the meeting was reported by the Belarusian news agency Belta. Belta also posted photos of representatives from Russia and Ukraine on Telegram.

Belta also revealed the agenda for the talks. Belta said the agenda for the meeting was a procedure for the evacuation of Ukrainian citizens.

“Humanitarian corridor to evacuate (civilians in Ukraine),” he said.


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