Canada is ready to help Indonesia develop a digital economy

bbn/ ready to support Indonesia in the development of the digital economy

The fourth round of Canada’s Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) delegation, Iyad Dakka, said his country has the potential to cooperate with Indonesia in the field of digital economy.

According to him, Canada will support the Indonesian government in achieving its goal of developing a digital economy in terms of digital trade.

0 will achieve its goals and also through potential sessions to understand and achieve digital commerce which will become a regular form of countries’ business,” Iyad said during a DEWG side event at the Mulia Nusa Dua Hotel, Bali, which was drafted on Wednesday. (8/31/2022).

He continued, digitalization is currently being described as new gold that can push a country forward and make the people prosper. Because, Iyad continued, digitalization can increase a country’s economic growth.

“So my response is that (digital) is fundamental in the 21st century economy and it’s important for government to leverage digital data,” he said.

However, Iyad saw that currently, delegations from several countries were still negotiating to formulate a document called the Bali package.

“A lot of very good progress has been made over these two days and we will continue to negotiate vigorously behind the scenes. I don’t think it will be easy to reach an agreement/understanding, but we in Canada continue to ‘trying to achieve our goals,’ he said.

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