Called to strengthen the PSM, the young Victor Jonson Dethan is happy and aims for the minutes of play

TRIBUNPAREPARE.COM, BACUKIKI – Young player of PSM Makassar, Victor Jonson Benjamin Dethan is delighted to be able to strengthen Laskar Pinisi in Liga 1 2022-2023.

The 18-year-old is one of the new names to fill the PSM squad. He was also registered in the PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB).

I’m happy to be called by coach Bernardo to strengthen PSM in the Liga 1 season,” he told, Friday (29/7/2022).

Victor Jonson is a PSM academy dropout. This Canadian-Indonesian player is part of the U-18 PSM squad of the Elite Pro Academy (EPA) Liga 1 2021.

Victor was ordered to add to the attacking wing of the South Sulawesi national team (South Sulawesi).

He hopes he can carry out the coach’s instructions and contribute to helping the team achieve maximum results.

I hope in the future I can follow the coach’s instructions well and help PSM this season.

Victor aims to grab one of the team’s top positions. However, he knows the competition is quite tough for forwards on the wing.

This position is held by a number of well-known players such as Yakob Sayuri, Rizky Eka Pratama and Kenzo Nambu.

My goal for this season, I want to be in the first team and get minutes. I want to help PSM as much as possible if the opportunity arises,” he said.

Besides Victor, there are three academy dropouts who have been signed up for the 2022-23 La Liga 1.

Namely, Muh Dzaky, Ananda Raehan and Ibnul Mubarak.

Dzaky and Ananda have strengthened PSM in several matches, from the President’s Cup, AFC Cup to La Liga 1.

Only Ibnul Mubarak and Victor Jonson did not have the opportunity to play.

There are still four unregistered young players, namely Mufli Hidayat, Edgard Amping, M Rafli Asrul and Fadel Muhammad.

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