By becoming one of the competitors, Caroline Garcia realizes the pressure at the Australian Open –

Tennis News: French tennis player, Caroline Garcia couldn’t help but smile as she carried out her duties during the media day at the Australian Open 2023.

Asked to remember where he was 12 months ago preparing for the Australian Open, the world number 4 looked around and smiled.

“I’m not in this room, that’s for sure,” Garcia said with a smile. “Obviously it’s the start of a new season and maybe a new step in my career last season, trying to really make an improvement and being very clear about what I want to do, what we want as a team.”

“Maybe to get into the top 30, to be the top seed here, that’s my main goal, the main thing is to get my health back. Of course, I never imagined that I would be in this position a while ago. 12 months.”

The French national tennis player’s place among the most feared women’s tennis players by being ranked in the top 5 was achieved after a spectacular 2022 season, including winning the two biggest titles of her career to date, at know in Cincinnati and in WTA. Finals and passage to the semi-finals of the Grand Slam in singles for the first time at the US Open.

Last season, she became the only tennis player to win titles on all three different courts, a feat she achieved through her skillful aggressive play.

But success at the Australian Open has been tricky for the 29-year-old. He only entered the second week of singles in Melbourne once, which was the Round of 16 of the 2018 season.

“I think the most difficult thing is not to get into the rhythm of the game. The Grand Slam tournaments come very quickly after the pre-season, so you don’t play a lot. So far, I don’t didn’t feel the rhythm of the game enough, not as much as the wins that I would like to give me the confidence that I need,” Garcia said.

“But trying to concentrate and prepare for a tournament with not so good results so far is a challenge. But you can always improve day by day and improve through tournaments.

Starting with the 2023 Australian Open season, the world number 4 tennis player will face a qualifier from Canada, Katerine Sebov.

“I have to start the Grand Slam this time with a victory in the first round. That is the most important objective at the moment, which is to prepare for the first match and to see what I can do about it, how can I I develop as much as possible,” Garcia said.

“Of course one of the goals this season, next season or the next seasons is to try to win Grand Slams. We’ll see if I can do that, but it’s a big challenge for me. .”

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