British Queen Elizabeth II’s health is deteriorating, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prays

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is currently under medical supervision in Balmoral, Scotland. The Queen is currently under medical supervision, after doctors raised concerns about her health.

Earlier this week, Queen Elizabeth II officially appointed a new Prime Minister to the Scottish Estate, breaking tradition like never before.

“Following a further assessment this morning, the Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended that she remains under medical supervision,” a palace spokesperson said.

“The Queen is comfortable and at Balmoral.”

And if the queen died in Scotland, there would be special plans with the secret code Operation Unicorn (Operation Unicorn).

What is Operation Unicorn?

Operation Unicorn will soon bring business to a halt in the Scottish Parliament so authorities can prepare for a state funeral.

Political business will be suspended and the funeral will probably take place about ten days after his death.

It is believed that if the Queen dies in Scotland, people from all over the world can travel to the country.

It is believed that St Giles Cathedral and Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh will become focal points for journalists and the public.

It also meant that his remains would be laid at Holyroodhouse in a coffin and then taken to the cathedral on the Royal Mile.

The body of Queen Elizabeth II will then be placed on the royal train at Waverley Station and return to London.

It is believed that there are around three meetings each year involving members of government, police and broadcasters to strategize on the events of the Queen’s death.

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