Bringing health services closer to residents, PT Timah Tbk’s healthy car visited Rajik village in South Bangka

South Bangka (ANTARA) – PT Timah Tbk’s Healthy Car continues to provide free health services to people living around the mine. This time the sound car of PT Timah Tbk visited Rajik Village, Simpang Rimba District, South Bangka Regency on Wednesday (12/10/2022).

The arrival of PT Timah Tbk’s sound car was enthusiastically welcomed by the people of Rajik village. They flocked to the Rajik Village office to get health services done in the car.

Residents made up of seniors, adults and children wait their turn to be examined by medical personnel ready to serve the residents.

Sahrum (65), a resident of Rajik village, came to check on his health with his son-in-law. Over the past four years, Sahrum has experienced various illness complaints.

According to him, during all this time, if he wanted to get treatment, he had to travel quite a distance to Pangkalpinang, Payung district and several other places.

“Before, I came here on foot, I don’t need to pay for the treatment. If I usually go to Pangkalpinang, where do I pay for the treatment. Thank God it’s close to the treatment,” said he said after receiving health care. services.

Sahrum was glad the health service came to their village and hoped the health car would come back.

“It’s great to have treatment so it’s close to walking, the doctor is also friendly. Medicines are given and it’s free too. Hopefully there will be more later,” said he declared.

In the same vein, Qori (10) was sent by his parents for treatment. He complains of fever and headaches. Have even been treated several times but often repeated.

“Headache, fever, want treatment so they can recover. It’s good to have treatment here,” he said.

Meanwhile, the village chief, Rajik Ruslan, said residents were enthusiastic enough to have their health checked at PT Timah Tbk Health Car. The reason, seen by the many people who come.

He said his party had indeed informed residents that there would be free health services for their residents.

“There are quite a few people who come for treatment with enthusiasm. In fact, people’s awareness of treatment is quite high, but since the place of treatment is quite far from here, so if you are sick, you will go get treatment,” he added. said.

According to Ruslan, in their village there are only paramedics who help the community with health matters. If they are seriously ill, they are usually referred to a hospital in Payung district, which is dozens of kilometers from their village.

“If you usually seek treatment at Simpang Rimba health center or Payung and Pangkalpinang. It’s quite a long distance of several tens of kilometers. That’s why the existence of health services that come to this village helps really the locals,” he said.

He hopes that later PT Timah Tbk’s health car can return to Rajik village to make it easier for the community to seek treatment and improve the quality of public health.

“Hopefully this program will continue, PT Timah Tbk’s healthy car can come back, so our residents can get closer treatment and it’s free, it’s very helpful,” he said.

According to him, in addition to providing health services to residents, PT Timah Tbk also regularly provides social assistance to their residents.

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