BPS: G20 to Graduation Events Trigger Increase in Hotel Room Occupancy to 50.2%

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Room occupancy rate (TPK) Hotel Star ratings in Indonesia are steadily increasing until the latest September 2022 data. The Central Statistical Agency (BPS)BPS) noted that the TPK in September 2022 was 50.02%, up 2.64 points from the previous month and 13.38 points from September 2021.

BPS Deputy for Statistics and Distribution Services Setianto said that in addition to the increase in TPK, the average length of stay for star-class hotel guests in Indonesia in September 2022 was also good at 0.05 points to reach 1.64 days compared to September 2021, but decreased by 0.02 points compared to the previous month.

“Reasons for the increase include star hotel This is widely used for Meet which was opened for offices, local governments and events G20 in Bali and graduated from several universities,” he said during a press conference at his office in Jakarta on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

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According to the province, the highest TPK this month, Setianto said, was in East Kalimantan at 60.25%, followed by Lampung and East Java at 55.22% and 54.67%, respectively. Meanwhile, the lowest TPK was recorded in Maluku at 32.67%.

In terms of increase, TPK’s largest increase was recorded in Bali at 36.99 points on an annual basis at 46.45%. Riau Islands by 18.64 points to 42.61%, followed by Banten and East Java by 13.59 points to 54.06% and 13.48 points to 54.67%.

5-star hotels recorded the largest increase, both from September 2021 and from the previous month, at 53.51% or 20.02 points and 4.33 points, respectively. On the other hand, 1-star hotels recorded the smallest increase both compared to September 2021 and compared to the previous month at 31.08% or 6.75 points and 0.16 points, respectively.

In terms of length of stay, in general, the average length of stay of foreign guests is longer than that of Indonesian guests. The average length of stay for foreign customers is 2.49 days, while that for Indonesian customers is 1.58 days.

The longest average length of stay for hotel guests was recorded in Bali with 2.36 days, followed by West Papua and West Nusa Tenggara with 1.94 days and 1.92 days, respectively . On the other hand, the shortest average stay of hotel guests was recorded in Southeast Sulawesi at 1.16 days.

The longest average length of stay for foreign guests in hotels was recorded in Riau with 4.44 days, while the longest was recorded in Bengkulu, North Kalimantan and West Sulawesi with 1. 00 day. Meanwhile, for Indonesian customers, the longest average length of stay was recorded in Bali at 2.14 days, while the shortest was recorded in Southeast Sulawesi at 1.16 days.

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