BNI distributes diaspora loans in Canada

JAKARTA, – PT Bank Negara Indonesia or BNI (Persero) Tbk has partnered with diaspora in Canada to distribute products diaspora loan.

Treasury and International BNI Director Henry Panjaitan said this is one of BNI’s efforts to maximize the business potential of the diaspora community.

So far, BNI has facilitated diaspora loan in various countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom and United States.

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Lending Diaspora is a loan or credit provision for the Indonesian Diaspora and is comprehensively and prudently designed to meet the needs of the Indonesian Diaspora in developing their overseas business,” Henry said in a written statement on Monday ( 25/7/2022).

Initially, BNI, through the BNI branch in New York, distributed credits to Axia Distribution in Vancouver and Nai-Nai Noodles in Toronto, Canada.

Axia Distribution is an Indonesian Diaspora-owned company and has been established since 2004 in Vancouver. This company imports kitchen rugs from Indonesia for sale in Canada and the United States.

Meanwhile, Nai-Nai Noodles is a restaurant that sells food in the form of Indonesian chicken noodles, which was founded two years ago by the Indonesian diaspora in Toronto.

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Going forward, Henry added, BNI New York will continue to explore and play an active role in facilitating Indonesian Diaspora-owned MSME businesses in the US and Canada.

“With the mandate we have received as the world bank from Indonesia, of course, we will develop more innovation and business relations to develop Indonesian businesses, especially in the United States and Canada,” he said. he added.

Indonesia’s Ambassador to Canada, Daniel Tumpal Simanjuntak, appreciated BNI’s proactive steps in Canada.

According to Daniel, BNI has been able to explore a great business potential of the Indonesian Diaspora in Canada, totaling around 21,000 people in various professions and businesses.

“The Indonesian Embassy in Ottawa and the Indonesian Consulate General in Toronto and Vancouver greatly appreciate BNI New York’s continued commitment to facilitating business development for the Indonesian diaspora in Canada,” he said. he concluded.

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