blue trio in the 3rd round

In a wave not particularly adapted to his size, Tim Bisso deserves favorites in his two series, which he both won on Saturday: the first at 11.40 points against the Dutchman Oliver Heintz and the Ecuadorian Carlos Goncalves; second with 13.67 points ahead of Israeli Uriel Uziel, Canadian Wheeler Hasburgh and Chinese Qixiang Wang. Solid, Guadeloupe is on its feet and on its head.

Gatien Delahaye also won a first-round series against two Dutch surfers by scoring a third-best total (15.73) and third-best wave (8.40) of the day on Saturday. An 8.40 for a series of two large forward turns as he previously scored 7.33 for a trip consisting of two further reverse turns overseas and domestic. In the second round this Sunday, the Guadeloupean, currently 15th CS, had to settle for a second qualifying place behind the Canadian Levi Young, but ahead of the Irishman Gearoid McDaid and the Israeli Siam Nikritin, both sent to replay.

Gatien Delahaye.


For his first choice in the France team, Mihimana Braye tied two of his teammates by winning the draw for the first round on Saturday. A record 6.50 on his first attempt put him in the lead, undisturbed later by rivals Colombia and Ecuador. In the 2nd round, on Sunday, Tahitian athletes, like Delahaye, lost the victory in the series, returning to Barbados Josh Burke, but not in the 3rd round by finishing second after the Mexican outfielder Sebastian Williams and the Jamaican golfer. Elisama Beckford.

The big upset of the weekend came as a replacement for CT American and winner of the same venue at last year’s US Open in Huntington Beach, Griffin Colpanto. The Californian exploded there this Sunday, in the second round, posting 9.33 and collecting 17 points, the best wave and the highest total so far in this World Cup.

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World ISA 2022: France with Delahaye and Ado, without Defay and Huscenot

Holders of the team title following their victory in El Salvador in 2021, the French surfing team will present themselves at the 2022 Worlds of the International of Surfing Association (ISA), from September 16 to 24 in Huntington Beach, California, with a collective strength. At stake, a non-nominative gender quota for the Paris 2024 Olympics

Mihimana Braye.
Mihimana Braye.

ISA / Reed

Brazilian Jadson André and the Pupo brothers, as well as France, are still in the main draw of the third round. Just like the Australia of Liam O’Brien, Jackson Baker and Joel Vauhgan. Local stadium, in addition to the Japanese flag, Kanoa Igarashi also continued his journey in the main round, along with other big names in the world, from Leo Fioravanti to Frederico Morais, including Kolohe Andino, Nat Young, Lucca Machineas and Jesse Mendes. . Indonesian CS ranks leader Rio Waida is now laying eggs in the turbulent draft waters.

As a reminder, the 2022 ISA Worlds at the end of this list will provide the first two non-nominative quotas for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. They will face the men’s team and the women’s team having finished first in their respective rankings. .


first round of the main draw:
– Gatien Delahaye (Fra) 15.73, Kaspar Hamminga (NL) 7.77, Stef van Noordennen (NL) 3.66
– Tim Bisso (Fra) 11.40, Oliver Heintz (NL) 6.90, Carlos Goncalves (Team) 5.73
– Mihimana Braye (Fra) 9.90, 2. Kahil Schooley (Kol) 4.90, Bruce Burgos (Equ) 4.37
The second round of the main draw:
– Tim Bisso (Fra) 13.67, 2. Uriel Uziel (Isr) 9.44, 3. Wheeler Hasburgh (Can) 8.50, Qixiang Wang (CHN) 7.37
– Levi Young (Can) 11.27, Gatien Delahaye (Fra) 10.60, Gearoid McDaid (Irl) 9.20 Siam Mikritin (Isr) 6.83
– Joshua Burke (BRB) 15.76, Mihimana Braye (Fra) 10.84, Sebastian Williams (Mex) 5.23, Elishama Beckford (Hours) 4.57

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