Biznet Invests IDR 3.1 Trillion to Develop Internet Network in Sumatra

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Consumer Marketing Manager Biznet Adrianto Sulistyo revealed that his party is investing 200 million US dollars or 3.1 trillion rupees (assuming an exchange rate of 15,529 rupees per US dollar) to develop internet networks in 2022-2023.

This figure includes the construction of the cables optical fiber on the island of Sumatra for next year.

“The detailed investment for Sumatra cannot be mentioned, only if you look at it from the beginning of 2022 yesterday, the information reached 200 million US dollars in Sumatra. Everything,” he said during a office visit Tempo on Jalan Palmerah Barat, South Jakarta on Monday, November 14, 2022.

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Next year, Adrianto said, Biznet will build fiber optics on the island of Sumatra from Bandar Lampung to Banda Aceh. Currently, Biznet hascover internet on the island of Java from north to south, and Bali which was installed with cable spine that surrounds the island.

Development on the island of Sumatra, Andrianto said, aims to be even the Internet fast in Indonesian.

He said currently several cities such as Bandar Lampung, Pelambang, Padang, Jambi and Medan already have internet access but they are still using cable. third partytherefore, you cannot yet benefit from a fast internet connection.

“Later, after building Bandar Lampung in Banda Aceh, we will have a connection cable from Java to Sumatra. Then from Bangka Island to Sumatra Island, we are working on it at the end of this year until at the end of next year,” Adrianto said.

This year, Biznet’s fiber optic cable reaches over 61,000 kilometers with 1.2 million Home Passes spread across more than 160 cities along the islands of Java, Bali, Bangka, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Flores.

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