Bima Perkasa didn’t choose a pure cross, that’s the coach’s reason –

IBL Basketball News: Bima Perkasa Jogja coach Efri Meldy has explained the reason why he didn’t choose a pure center in the IBL Draft selection of foreign players.

As previously reported, Bima Perkasa picked Cameron Coleman in the first round with a height of 198cm. Coleman can play in guard and forward positions. Then, in the second round with the last chance, Bima Perkasa named a player who usually plays in the small striker position, Tavarion Nic with a height of “only” 201cm.

“Indeed, that is our need. I need players who can play in multiple positions. We need players who can play inside and outside,” Bima Perkasa coach said. , Efri Meldy.

The first pick was solid on Coleman, while in the second pick, Meldy admitted that the players who were on his pick list were first chosen by other clubs.

“Tavarion is in the second place of our choice, not too far from expectations. The two foreign players we have chosen are experienced players,” he continued, as reported by the IBL official website.

Coleman, a York graduate, now 30, has played in the German, Argentine and Australian leagues while Nix is ​​the same age as a Midwest State graduate, most recently at Al Salam in Saudi Arabia . Previously, he played for various clubs in other countries including Nicaragua, El Salvador, Vietnam, Thailand, England, Bosnia, Canada, Ukraine and Qatar. Meldy admits he will be ready if they also have to face several teams that have big men looming.

“We will prepare a strategy to deal with the tall man with a posture as tall as seven feet,” he said. Meldy is now also trying to solidify his homegrown players. It will be interesting to see how Bima Perkasa performs with two new foreign players with their new coaching strategy ingredients in the IBL 2023 competition later.

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