Biden Cs pays IDR 9,000 T for RI et al, for what?

Badung, CNBC Indonesia – United States President Joe Biden revealed that last June, G7 countries agreed to launch the Global Infrastructure and Investment Partnership, which will mobilize US$600 billion over the next five coming years. This figure is addressed for improve sustainable, innovative and quality infrastructure in poor and developing countries.

“I spoke with Canada, this step is our obligation to help a country that previously had no health issues but now faces a big problem,” Biden said at the G20 summit (summit) in Bali, Tuesday (11/15/2022).

He also stressed that this investment is driven by the specific development needs of each partner country, so that it can deliver maximum results for the community.

“With this partnership, we have also launched new projects with G20 countries and others, and new ways of collaborating to in the face of climate change, energy security and digital connectivity, health infrastructure, gender equality,” he said.

Biden said he is accelerating investments focused on energy transitions and clean energy going forward, as well as dealing with the crisis caused by climate change.

“We have to make sure it benefits everyone, not just developed countries,” he said.

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