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URBANDEPOK.COM – As we know, English is an international language. This makes it one of the most important languages ​​to master.

Language itself means the human ability to communicate with other humans using signs, for example with words and gestures.

English began to establish itself as an international language in the 18th century. And it is estimated that a third of the world’s population uses English as their main language.

Mastering this language can facilitate us in various aspects of life ranging from career opportunities to social and other aspects.

Well, here are 7 YouTube channel recommendations for those of you who want to learn English from the basics, or even just improve your English skills. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the recommendations below!

1. TEDx talks

Some people may be familiar with this channel. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. In the beginning, TEDx Talks itself was an event used by business people and investors to share business ideas and opportunities. But now that TEDx Talks has grown, many speakers come from other backgrounds, such as health, education, and politics.

In each video we can activate the subtitle or text function which can be used to learn English. Another advantage is the very high quality content. Here we can get a lot of new broad ideas. This channel has quite a few subscribers, ie 35.8 million people.

2. Lingua Marina

Linguamarina is a YouTube channel that can be used as a reference for learning English. The channel’s name is taken from her real name, Marina Mogilko. In 2015, the woman born in St. Petersburg, Russia, decided to move to America. At that time, he did not speak English very well, as English was not his native language.

With this experience, he finally decided to create a channel containing educational content on the English language. He said he wanted to share the fastest and best way to master this language.

The content is quite comprehensive, starting from basic English, grammar, TOEFL, vocabulary and others. Currently, 6.46 million people are subscribed to his YouTube channel.

3. Learn English with

From the name of the channel, we can tell that the content will address issues related to teaching English. This channel was actually created to promote their online English course. But even so, the content provided is also very useful.

For English beginners, this channel can be your reference to learn. The content is also very complete, from basic English, English listening comprehension, English conversation sentences and others.

Currently, 6.84 million people are subscribed to his channel.

4. BBC Learn English

Who hasn’t heard of the BBC? Almost everyone has certainly heard of his name. Yes, the BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation is the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom, as well as the oldest broadcasting institution in the world.

On their channel, they offer English learning videos through news clips and information about facts that exist in the world. If you see it for yourself, the content provided is quite diverse and extensive.

Currently, 4.37 million people have subscribed to his channel, with a total of 3,000 videos.

5. Learn English with TV series

For those of you who get bored easily while learning English, this might be the right channel for you. Here you will be treated to several clips of popular movies or TV series with subtitles or text.

Then there will also be a teacher who will explain in more detail the vocabulary or slang that is in the pieces of the film that we are watching. The video that is shown is also not too long, approximately between 10 and 30 minutes.

This channel has been subscribed by 5.92 million people, with a total of 579 videos.

6. Speech in English

For those of you who want to sharpen your English listening and reading skills, you can use this channel as a reference for learning.

The content contains speeches from major world personalities, accompanied by English subtitles.

So, in addition to perfecting English skills, we can get lots of new information about life philosophy and also about motivation through the videos provided.

The English Speeches channel was subscribed to 3.84 million people.

7. Learn English with Bob the Canadian

The YouTube channel’s distinctive name makes Bob, the Professor, easily recognizable. Bob is a teacher from Toronto, Canada.

Initially, this channel was created just to occupy his spare time, so most of the content focuses on day-to-day activities interspersed with teaching simple English. But unexpectedly, this channel is growing quite rapidly.

Since then, the content has diversified. The video, along with subtitles, also makes it easier for viewers when they want to learn English.

These are some of the best YouTube channel recommendations to learn English for beginners and advanced.

But remember! In learning a language, there is nothing like stopping to learn. Because any language will certainly continue to develop in many aspects.

I hope the recommendations above can be useful for you to learn English!***

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