Banyuwangi Airport declared first green airport in Indonesia


Banyuwangi Airport, managed by PT Angkasa Pura II, is proclaimed the first green airport in Indonesia. After winning the top title at the Aga Khan Awards, Banyuwangi Airport is becoming more environmentally friendly, having installed PLTS to meet all the electricity needs of the easternmost airport in the island of Java.

The development of Banyuwangi Airport to become a green airport has been achieved in accordance with the achievement of a number of achievements for Banyuwangi Airport.

Banyuwangi Airport has been managed by AP II since 2017, and after 5 years or in 2022, Banyuwangi Airport will receive the 2022 Aga Khan Awards.

The Aga Khan Development Network has stated that Banyuwangi Airport is very modern and efficient in all respects. Banyuwangi Airport can be a game changer in airport architecture.

“Unlike general airports that rely on air conditioning, Banyuwangi Airport has very good natural air circulation so travelers feel calm and comfortable while in the terminal. In fact, the roof of the passenger terminal is completely planted with green grass which is regularly tended,” PA II Chairman Muhammad Awaluddin told Eastern JavaMonday (01/09/2023).

Muhammad Awaluddin said that the design owned by Banyuwangi Airport really supports the application of technology to create the best travel experience (smooth travel experience).

“Travellers, especially millennials, value the convenience of travel, and in the future, Banyuwangi Airport will provide this flexibility through more technology-enabled services integrated into the app. of AP II travel,” he concluded.

AP II Engineering Manager Agus Wialdi added that Banyuwangi Airport has also used PLTS in the Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting building.

“PLTS is installed on a rooftop covering an area of ​​600 square meters with a peak capacity of 35.1 kilowatts,” said AP II Engineering Manager Agus Wialdi.

The use of PLTS is a form of using New and Renewable Energy / EBT in the AP II airport environment to reduce carbon emissions.

Agus Wialdi added that Banyuwangi Airport has received Greenship Existing Building (Green Building) certification with a Gold predicate for the Constructed Building/Existing Building category from the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI), as an independent institution that focuses on the environment and energy sector.

“This certification was obtained after a process of more than one year or from March 2021 to December 2022, including verification of eligibility, energy audit, retro commissioning, on-site verification and evaluation or the final try,” said Agus Wialdi.

Inside Banyuwangi Airport (Photo: Ardian Fanani)

“In line with obtaining Green Building Gold category certification, Banyuwangi Airport has implemented environmentally friendly airport operations and practices, and has a good level of energy efficiency and conservation,” said added Agus Wialdi.

Currently, Banyuwangi Airport has also been registered for Greenship Assessment under the Net Zero Healthy category to prove that Banyuwangi Airport is a low emission airport.

This is in line with the global Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 program initiated by Airport Council International (ACI), and received support from the 41st Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) held from 27 September to October 4, 2022 in Montreal Canada.

Sophistication also exists at Banyuwangi Airport. Biometric facial recognition to automate passenger flow (passenger flow) has also been installed for convenience and service for passengers.

When the time for boarding or boarding the plane arrives, passengers go to the automatic gate (autogate) to paste the ticket (boarding pass) and then undergo verification through the biometric facial recognition process. If the boarding pass and face match the data, the automatic door will open and passengers will be prompted to board the aircraft.

Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani expressed his gratitude to Angkasa Pura II for declaring Banyuwangi Airport as a green airport.

“In accordance with Angkasa Pura II, we really wanted a green airport label since we built this airport. environment,” he concluded.

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