Bank Mandiri is opening vacancies under the agent development program, check the conditions

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -PT Mandiri Bank (Persero) Tbk. in August, this opened up vacancies in the Officer Development Program. The program prepares potential candidates for management positions at various levels at Bank Mandiri.

By joining this program, you will be trained by highly experienced bankers, professionals and leaders in various aspects of banking and leadership. The program begins with intensive classroom training followed by on-the-job training and rotations to various parts of the bank.

Besides this comprehensive training program, you will also be trained by the best talents in the bank who will help you reach your maximum potential and better understand your strengths. Not only that, you will also have access to senior leaders Bank Mandiri and work closely with senior managers on projects that will develop your skills.

In the process of implementing career development, Bank Mandiri has always been based on the principles of: just opportunity or equal opportunity.

A number of open Officer Development Program (ODP) programs are:

– ODP network and retail banking

– ODP Wholesale Banking

– ODP risk management

– ODP information and technology

– Empowerment of ODP companies

For those of you who wish to register job offer Previously, they had to meet the minimum qualifications, namely:

– Local or international (S1) or postgraduate (S2) graduate in a relevant field of study from a reputable university

– Average value:
Graduates (S1): minimum 3.00 (on the GPA 4.00 scale) or equivalent Postgraduate (S2): minimum 3.20 (on the GPA 4.00 scale) or equivalent

– Maximum age for selection:
Master (S1): 25 years old or Master (S2): 27 years old

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