Banggar DPR: RI inflation will be lower in 2022 compared to other countries

Report by reporter Fersianus Waku

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Chairman of Budget Agency (Banggar) DPR RI Said Abdullah said that the management of the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) 2022 will enjoy multiple benefits.

As a result, inflation in Indonesia is well managed through governance State budget 2022 implementation of a sound and targeted policy.

“Indonesia’s inflation is well managed, much lower compared to many countries, even compared to developed countries,” Said said in Jakarta, Wednesday, 12/21/2022.

Said said that until November 2022, inflation in Indonesia had reached 5.4%, which is much lower than that of the European zone, which reached 10.1%, Britain 10.7% , France 6.2%, Germany 10%, Canada 6.9%.

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“Even with ASEAN countries, Indonesia’s inflation is still better than Thailand’s at 5.6%, the Philippines’ at 8% and Singapore’s at 7.5%,” he said. he declares.

Furthermore, Said said, thanks to well-maintained export performance, it has recorded a trade surplus for the past 31 months.

“Our cumulative trade balance surplus from January to November 2022 reached $50.59 billion, well above the range from January to November 2021 which reached $34.41 billion,” he said.

The President of the PDIP DPP also explained various political incentives and the continuation of the sustained economic recovery program State budget 2022 will result in the maintenance of the national economy.

According to Said, various international rating agencies such as Fitch Rating, JRC, Moody’s and others appreciate Indonesia’s credit rating ranging from BBB to BBB+.

“A number of international institutions also consider Indonesia’s economic growth projections this year to be very good,” he said.

Said also revealed that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that the Indonesian economy will grow by 5.3% (year-on-year), the World Bank by 5.2% (year-on-year), the AfDB by 5. .4% (y-o-y) and Bloomber’s 5.3% (y-o-y).

“This means that we are optimistic that our economy will grow above 5% (year-on-year) this year. The excellent economic growth has encouraged the absorption of new jobs that we can create this year. More than 4 million new jobs have been created this year,” he says.

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In addition, he explained that the good national economic achievements have pushed the level of tax revenue beyond the target.

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