Bali exports up 4.55%

Bali’s export performance showed an increase in June compared to the previous month in May.

Its value went from $47,759,366 to $49,930,457. Or up 4.55%. Similarly, compared to June 2021, Bali’s export value in June 2022 would have increased by 27.54%. Fish products, crustaceans and molluscs dominated Bali’s exports last June.

The head of the Bali Province Central Statistics Agency, Hanif Yahya, said on Monday (1/8). He said that of Bali’s top ten export destination countries in June, 7 destination countries saw an increase.

The seven countries are Singapore, Japan, France, Vietnam, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada. The largest percentage increase was recorded to Vietnam of 125.42% from $692,799 to $1,621,347. The increase in exports to Vietnam was led by the increase in the value of exports from fish, crustacean and mollusc products.

Meanwhile, compared to the record high of June 2021, the export value of 8 countries from top 10 export destination countries saw an increase.

The largest increase was recorded in exports to Singapore, which was 966.98%. From $606,664 went to $6,472,955. Exports to Singapore are dominated by (non-knitted) apparel and accessories.

Overall, Bali’s export value for the period January-June 2022 was recorded at $299,422,374. As Hanif Yahya explained, fish products, crustaceans and molluscs are the types of products dominating Bali’s exports last June.

“The value is $13,132,728 or 26.30% of the total export value,” Hanif Yahya said. In line with Bali’s exports, Bali’s import performance in June 2022 also showed an increase.

Bali’s import value in June 2022 was recorded at $10,560,978, up 68.49% from May 2022 which was recorded at $6,268,119. Among the top 5 countries of origin of imports in June 2022, the value of imports from Hong Kong recorded the largest month-over-month increase.

Imports from Hong Kong rose 711.70 percent from $377,661 in May to $3,065,476. This was due to an increase in imports of precious metal products and jewelry/precious stones. Cumulatively, the value of imports over the period January-June 2022 was recorded at $28,839,558. *K17

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