Austria’s Under-21s have won the Rohrmax Cup final

At the “Rohrmax Cup” in the Wiener Stadthalle, hockey fans were treated to an international kick-off this weekend.

The selection of Austrian U-21 players was quite surprising. In a spectacular final, the young players beat the Belgian national team 3:2 to win this year’s edition of the “Rohrmax Cup”.

For juniors under 21, this is the best preparation for the European Junior Championships. Austria played in a group against Canada, Rot-Weiss Wittingen and host SV Arminen.

The national team placed third in the final standings.

Austrian troops left empty-handed

Among the men, the local representative had to admit defeat. SV Arminen lost in the final to AS 2:3.

Most of the Legionnaires are absent from the Austrian national team, as they are deployed on a tour of the German Bundesliga. So behind “Austria” in the game plan there is already a U-21 team, but they also have to play without the players from the German club.

They face stiff competition from Belgium, Indonesia and European Cup participant HAHK Mladost. In the end, it was only enough for seventh place.

For the A team, it is the last preparation for the World Indoor Championships in South Africa which take place on February 5th. The men’s under-21 team will only travel to the European Championships in Nymburg (Czech Republic) from January 19. They also have a medal at the European Championships as an obvious goal.

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