August 14, 2003: Massive blackout in US and Canadian cities sparks anxiety

In addition, George Strayton could not live in his apartment on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. Even though the window was open, it was unbearably hot. Sumuk! So he headed to his parents’ home in rural Rockland County, which still has electricity.

George was forced to walk to the terminal. 3 miles further. And being driven around in the heat – with no shops offering cold drinks – was excruciating. Luckily, in the middle of the road, he got a bus ride.

As he exited the vehicle taking him to the terminal, a volunteer handed him a bottle of water and showed him a table full of sandwiches.

Water and sandwiches became provisions for her trip, using another bus, to her parents’ house.

George never forgot the incident. “Especially the chicken and pesto sandwiches,” he said. It was probably the best sandwich he had ever tasted.

Meanwhile, a terrible incident happened to Mike Markowitz. The electricity suddenly went out while he was on the subway.

He was trapped in a cramped car with hundreds of strangers on the Manhattan subway. The carriages feel cramped without air conditioning.

Surprisingly, the passengers remained calm and followed the instructions to exit the train one by one. Then they entered the tunnel and came out to the street. It didn’t stop there, Markowitz had to walk 4 hours home. “The longest walk of my life,” Markowitz said. “It’s scary, but not as scary as 9/11.”

Electricity in some areas was restored at 11:00 p.m. However, in other places you have to wait up to 2 days.

Why can electricity disappear in developed countries like the United States?

There are at least 2 reasons. First, the trees are disrupting the high-voltage power grid that powers 100 power stations.

However, the root cause is a software bug in the alarm system at FirstEnergy Corporation’s control center in Ohio.


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