At DEWG 2022, Canada shares tips to fight data breaches

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Canadian Delegation to the Digital Economy Working Group Forum (DEWG), Iyad Dakka revealed how his government deals with cases data leak.

Iyad, who is also the director of international affairs and trade policy at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, said his party is strengthening the foundations of security in data protection.

“We are very strong in terms of data protection, we too the Canadian government, have worked very hard over the last few years to establish and clarify the basics,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the fourth session of the DEWG, Tuesday (29/8) in Nusa Dua, Bali.

In evaluating the security of user data is important, especially when the digital economy begins to become one of the pillars of his country.

In addition, his party is also strengthening data leaks by establishing regulations that are considered strong, so that public data is quite safe.

According to him, the basis for strengthening the security of public data in a country must be based on regulation.

“So we continue to work on what is fundamental for us. A very strong regulatory policy in Canada for secure data,” he explained.

During the DEWG session of the G20 Presidency, Iyad pointed out that the discussion on the security of public or user data is always discussed intensively, to produce a statement from the Minister of Digital Sector of the G20 called “The Bali Package”. .

Data security, he said, is something that must be taken care of collectively, whether by government, the private sector or the community.

So, if all three elements have gone well, the digital economy will work well and can create safe cross-border data flows to be managed on a global scale.

Note, Indonesia is a country that has a rapid growth rate in terms of Internet user growth in third place in Asia, after China and India.

Thus, there is a need to strengthen the protection of personal data in electronic systems, which have been frequently used by a number of global technology platforms.

The fourth session of the DEWG G20 starts on Monday (29/8) and ends on Tuesday (30/8). However, as of Wednesday (31/8), the results of the trial have not yet been announced to the media team.

During this meeting, delegates continued to discuss the draft G20 digital ministerial declaration called “The Bali Package”.

Then the draft declaration will be discussed again by the digital ministers of the G20 during the Digital Economy Ministers Meeting (DEMM) forum on September 1, 2022.

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