Arrested by immigration, a Chinese citizen burns a fake passport to erase its traces


The Directorate General of Immigration of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia processed 2 Foreign Nationals (WNA) from China who used fake mexican passport. One of the Chinese citizens, Chen Yongtong (34), admitted burning his fake passport to remove the inspection marks from immigration officials.

“Based on Chen Yongtong’s information and examination, the passport in question was burned,” said the immigration investigation coordinator at the Supervision and Enforcement Branch. Immigration Ministry of Law and Human RightsBlack Stone, as reported by BetweenThursday (8/25/2022).

Chen Yongtong is currently being held at the Jakarta Class I Central State Detention Center on suspicion of using a fake Mexican passport to enter Indonesia.

Immigration officials also found no traces or remnants of the passport that was burned by the Chinese citizen. However, based on the passage data and the immigration system, the officers managed to find and match Chen Yongtong’s ID card which had been secured by officers.

“Physically, we did not obtain the relevant travel documents. Based on the results of the examination, his passport was burnt,” Aswad said.

Chen Yongtong entered Indonesia on January 16, 2022 using a Mexican passport with a tourist visa for business with Wu Jinge (36). Both were arrested Immigration.

The immigration officer’s investigation revealed that the two intentionally entered Indonesia using fake passports and made Indonesia a transit country. The two Chinese citizens were about to travel to a third country, Canada.

“Indonesia is a transit country for them, then they keep going back to a third country, Canada,” he said.

According to the immigration explanation, foreigners who want to enter Canada need several stamps from other countries so that they cannot enter directly, especially from Mexico.

The two Chinese citizens are suspected of deliberately entering Indonesia with fake passports so that their trip to Canada would go smoothly.

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