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AS MUCH 2 signs Lionel Messi will be champion World Cup 2022 will be reviewed in the Okezone article this time. The most prestigious football event in the world is currently in full competition.

After a long struggle, there are only 8 teams left in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup. Argentina, being one of the favorite teams, managed to qualify after beating Australia by the score of 2-1.

Lionel Messi as captain allowed the opening goal in the 35th minute, and was followed by Julian Alvarez in the 57th minute. Unfortunately, the success of the Albiceleste – nickname of Argentina – had to be colored by an own goal from Enzo Fernandez in the 77th minute.

Despite everything, La Pulga – nicknamed Lionel Messi – and his colleagues managed to qualify for the quarter-finals. This victory was to provide Argentina with opportunities to win the trophy every four years.

In fact, there are those who suggest that the chances of becoming world champion are very high for Argentina. So what are the signs that Lionel Messi will win the 2022 World Cup? To find out, check out the following summary.

2 signs Lionel Messi will win the 2022 World Cup

2. Morocco lead Group F

The launch of Sportbible, a sign of Argentina’s victory at the 2022 World Cup, is Morocco’s success at the top of Group F of the 2022 World Cup. The Atlas lions – nicknamed Morocco – managed to beat Croatia, Belgium and Canada.

In the 1986 World Cup, Argentina and Diego Maradona won the championship trophy. At that point, Morocco managed to take the lead in the group, with Belgium finishing third and Canada finishing last.

Of course, it’s like repeating an old story. It’s just that, the actors who graze on the ground are the next generation.

1. Australia enters the Top 16


The last time Australia reached the Round of 16 was in the 2006 World Cup. Back then, it was Italy who beat them and won the World Cup.

History may repeat itself after the Albiceleste also won 2-1 against the Socceroos – Australia’s nickname. Of course, if you look at the similarities between Italy and Argentina, Lionel Messi also has a chance to win the trophy.

These are 2 signs that Lionel Messi will win the 2022 World Cup. Hope this helps!

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