Apple’s mixed reality headset will use xrOS

Jakarta: Apple internally changed the name of its mixed reality headset companion software from realityOS to xrOS. Apple thinks this name better represents the capabilities of the software.

According to journalist Mark Gurman, XR stands for extended reality. Additionally, Gurman also reported that this headset will feature augmented reality and virtual reality related features.

In addition to the internal name change, Gurman noted that a shell company called Deep Dive LLC has also filed a trademark application for the “xrOS” trademark in the United States and other countries, including the United States. European Union and Asia, UK, Australia, Mexico. , Ukraine, Japan. , and Canada.

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In its registration document, Deep Dive wrote that it had filed trademarks for head-mounted displays and devices that provide virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. However, Apple has not confirmed its involvement in the trademark registration.

However, in early 2022, VoxMedia product manager Parker Ortolani found patent registration documents for realityOS which were registered by a shell company called Realityo System LLC.

In August, Bloomberg also reported that another shell company with a different name had registered the Reality One, Reality Pro and Reality Processor brands. This latest name change likely indicates that Apple is tweaking the details of the project closer to launch.

Gurman said that Apple plans to launch the mixed reality headset, its dedicated operating system, and the supporting app store in 2023. According to previous reports, this device will be supported by virtual versions of Android apps. Apple, including Messages, FaceTime, and Maps.

Additionally, the headset would use eye scanning as an authenticator for in-app purchases and app login steps. Apple recently posted a job ad that also says it’s developing its own 3D moxed reality world, a potential competitor to Facebook’s metaverse.


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