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Jakarta (ANTARA) – It’s been a while since Apple announced the release augmented reality headsetrecently it was suspected that the name of the device was “Reality”.

This claim is reinforced based on the findings of the filing of gadgets to be launched in the United States, Canada, European Union, United Kingdom, Australia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Costa Rica and in Uruguay, cited by Bloomberg, The Verge and Net.

In the file are the names of Reality One, Reality Pro and Reality Processor. However, there is no guarantee that Apple will use this name when releasing the device.

It was not Apple that requested the Reality trademark from the authorities in these countries, but Immersive Health Solution, allegedly a front company owned by Apple.

Immersive Health Solution is listed as owned by Corporation Trust Co, a front company in Delaware, USA, which is usually used by other companies to classify files, so that information does not leak.

Apple representatives have not commented on this issue.

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple will introduce headphones in January 2023. Apple has so far not announced when they will launch Apple.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has shown signs that there will be an Apple AR device. According to him, the technology used in AR devices is as important as the iPhone.

Rumors are circulating that Reality One is the standard version of Apple’s AR device, while Reality Pro has higher specs. The Reality Processor allegedly refers to the M2 chip, used by the device.

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