Animal fossils 50 million years before the discovery of dinosaurs, a lizard?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A high school teacher who was walking her dog along the coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada, found the remains fossil unknown animal that walked the Earth 300 million years ago, about 50 million years earlier than the dinosaurs.

Lisa St. Coeur Cormier, 36, saw something stick out of the ground that was reddish in color and on closer inspection he realized it was a rib, then he saw a stick and a skull.

The fossil has yet to be identified, but John Calder, the geologist and paleontologist who worked on the case, suspects it is one of a kind. lizard or relatives.

Calder told the CBC that discoveries like this happen every 50 or 100 years and that they “may be the only fossils on the tree of life…the evolution of amphibians, reptiles, mammals for us,” he said, quoted by the Daily Courier, September 2, 2022. .

Dinosaur It is estimated to have lived around 245 million years ago and then died out 66 million years ago.

The creatures that roamed the Earth before were mostly sharks, bony fish, arthropods, amphibians, reptiles, and synapses.

The fossil found on the beach was small, measuring more than two feet (60cm) long, but it still retained the extraordinary detail that allowed researchers to determine that it lived long before the dinosaurs.

“That was the beginning of the evolution of reptiles from amphibians, and they branched out,” Calder told CBC. “And that would be a real enigma. It may take a year to find out the identity of this thing.

Very few fossils from before the discovery of dinosaurs, so ultimately the one at this beach could be a whole new species.

Cormier said he was excited about this rare discovery because it was his chance to leave a mark on the history of science. “To think that I found something that could be 300 million years old is incredible,” he said.

“I think it will only happen once, but I will continue my walks and I will continue to search for sea glass and maybe I will find something else,” he added.

A set of fossilized ribs was found in someone’s garden in Portugal, but the remains are much larger and belong to a dinosaur.

After studying the skeletons, scientists found they belonged to an 82-foot-tall brachiosaurus that lived between 160 and 100 million years ago.

The fossils were discovered in 2017, but it wasn’t until earlier this month that Portuguese and Spanish paleontologists announced what they had found – a sauropod dinosaur around 39ft tall and 82ft long .


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