Anies receives UN praise for building village in Jakarta city with human rights standards

“Anies works quietly, there is no need for praise and lamentation, let alone insults, because the facts will answer and become evidence that we pass on in the future,” Anies said firmly.

JAKARTA | KBA – Anies’ principle is to be adored, not to steal, to be insulted, not to fall, it has been proven once again. Not lukewarm, now Governor Anies has been congratulated by no less than the former UN Special Rapporteur for Adequate Housing, Ms. Leilani Farha of Canada. Leilani didn’t seem to have heard the constant insults attacking Anies and accusing her of incompetence.

This is not the first time that Anies has received international praise from internationally renowned personalities and institutions.

This morning, it was still viral on social networks, the fact that Anies was the first Indonesian personality to be invited to speak in the best world institution in England, Chattam House. Anies appeared there for some time, en route to England, Germany and France, at the invitation of various Institutions of these European countries as well as bilateral talks with the Mayor of London.

This morning, in a video uploaded to Tatak Ujiyati’s social media account, Farha praised the housing program launched by Anies in accordance with human rights and that there had been no forced evictions by the governor of DKI Jakarta.

“The Governor of DKI Jakarta has taken fundamental steps by building decent houses for its citizens and respecting human rights. Nor did the governor carry out any evictions while in office,” Leilani Farha said admiringly.

Farha is also known as a Canadian lawyer and global director of THE SHIFT, a housing initiative.

During her tenure as Special Rapporteur 2014-2020, Farha focused on economic inequality.

He advocates for the right to adequate housing for marginalized groups.

Farha has participated in missions around the world to examine the situation of the right to housing and to develop policies to implement these rights. The UN benchmark, of course, is the extent to which country governments protect human rights and stand up for the poor.

Anies is considered superior here because he is entitled to this recognition. Farha’s praise is not without reason. Reminiscent of the times of his leadership, Governor Anies built several villages that were once expelled by Ahok.

In the case of the eviction of Kampung Susun Kunir, during the time of Anies, the development here was for Pinangsian residents who were victims of eviction.

“Kunir Susun Village is one of our commitments to ensure residents get decent housing when their homes have to be evicted for the public interest,” Anies told media.

Anies promised that Kampung Susun Kunir would be a decent place to live like Kampung Susun Aquarium.

Later, Kampung Susun Kunir will be occupied by 33 heads of families (KK) victims of eviction.

“It’s not just about executing the government’s plan, but about ensuring that people can live decently. Because if we are going through the same, of course we want the government to take good care of its citizens,” Anies said.

The UN’s concern for decent housing for city dwellers is not new. Especially on the issues affecting the poor in the capital, Jakarta has long been visited by the UN Special Rapporteur for Adequate Housing, such as during the visit of Mrs. Raquel Rolnik to a simple rented apartment (Rusunawa) in Marunda, in North Jakarta, and other small community places, several years ago.

He said that the main objective of the United Nations in Indonesia was to gain information regarding the promotion of the right to adequate housing through dialogue with relevant stakeholders and to see first-hand the results of housing development on the ground,” said Raquel Rolnik.

According to records of the Ministry of Public Housing, housing conditions and issues in Indonesia are similar to those in developing countries. In this case, the condition is emphasized regarding the mentality of people who are more accustomed to it and prefer to live in landed houses rather than apartments.

Thus, the progress made by the provincial government of DKI under the leadership of Anies Baswedan deserves significant recognition from the United Nations and other international agencies.

“You deserve it, Mr. Governor”, commented various expatriate at KBA Newstoday Thursday August 4, 2022 in Jakarta with a thumbs up. (kba)

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