American and Canadian citizens hold a rally to protest the invasion of Russia

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Demonstrators in Washington DC gathered outside the Russian Embassy to protest against the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Protesters gathered outside the Russian Embassy after Russian President Vladimir Putin said he had given the go-ahead for “special military operations” in Ukraine early Thursday morning (24/2) local time.

According to a report by the New York Post, one of the posters carried by the protesters read “Putin is burning in H-ll” and “Never again”.

Protesters also carried Ukrainian flags as well as American flags.

Meanwhile, several Canadian-Ukrainian citizens and their supporters held a meeting and car convoy in Vancouver, Canada. They carried out convoys as a form of support for Ukraine.

Eugene Lupynis, who sits on the board of the Ivan Franko Ukraine Center in Richmond, said the roughly 200,000 people of Ukrainian descent in Canada are very worried about their friends and family in Ukraine.

“Everyone is worried, everyone watches the news, every media we watch, we try to get the latest news,” he said, as quoted by Global News.

“The main fear is the loss of life that will occur if an invasion occurs. And the second fear is the loss of our homeland.” He continued.

Canada itself moved its embassy from Kyiv last week to Lviv in western Ukraine. Federal officials have also urged Canadians back home to leave as soon as possible.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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