Alphonso Davies confesses the Canadian national team as a joke for the Bayern Munich team: Okezone Bola

TORONTO Alphonse Davies gushed about the Canadian national team, which his Bayern Munich teammates joked about. That is why he was determined to bring his country World Cup 2022.

Unlike Europe, football is not popular in Canada. Canadians prefer ice hockey and Canadian football.

Canada’s position in the FIFA rankings is also well below the countries of origin of its teammates. In addition, the compatriots of Davies who play in Europe are less known to the public, such as Atiba Hutchinson who wears the uniform of Besiktas and Junior Hoilett who defends Reading.

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Consequently, Davies is often ridiculed by his teammates. The 21-year-old wonderkid also admitted he was often offended and hoped many of his compatriots would appear at European top flight level.

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“It’s funny, because you know, they (the comrades) play for big European countries, they are in different tournaments. Sometimes the jokes they make annoy them, I understand that they are all jokes, but sometimes I take it personally,” Davies said.

Moreover, Davies said that one day his country’s football would be as advanced as that of his peers. Davies has ambitions to take the Canadian national team to the World Cup.

“Every time I come home I just want to prove to them that we are improving and improving every time we play. My ambition is to take Canada to the World Cup and hopefully I can face my teammates, I will show that we can compete with you,” continued Davies.


Canada has the chance to qualify for the 2022 World Cup as it sits third in the CONCACAF qualifying zone standings. Canada sits in third place with a collection of 10 points, two wins, four draws and is undefeated.

Canada will earn a ticket to Qatar if they test positive when they host Costa Rica on Saturday November 13, 2021 and Mexico on Wednesday November 17, 2021. The CONCACAF zone will be represented by four national teams at the Cup of the world 2022.

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