All about the World Cup: 5 sensational events in the 1982 World Cup, almost someone was killed

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Over the past 40 years, world Cup 1982 the 12th took place. This tournament is exclusively for the men’s national team which competed in Spain on June 13 and July 11, 1982.

5 controversial events from the 1982 World Cup

During this tournament, interesting facts were recorded in the history of world football. The following summarized a collection of lists:

1. The German goalkeeper who almost killed a French player

In a fierce battle that unites two golden generations, French met West Germany in the 1982 World Cup semi-finals in Seville. There was the most serious incident of the World Cup, a foul by West Germany goalkeeper Harald Schumacher against Frenchman Patrick Battiston.

At that time, French coach Michel Hidalgo entered sweeper Patrick Battiston and released Bernard Genghini. Entering in the 50th minute, it was Battiston who was sweeper released to help in the attack, but Schumacher sprinted in the opposite direction and rammed his body into Battison’s head. It knocked out three teeth, crushed his ribs and immediately damaged his spine.

Launch, Harald Schumacher has a lot of regrets for the fault. While many may think he doesn’t care, he reveals he’s worried about Battiston. Coupled with an anti-German sentiment which made it trigger. “So much hatred I’ve never felt before, so much anti-German feeling, I feel like I’m going to start the next war,” Schumacher said.

2. The youngest player to play in the World Cup

quoting again, Norman Whiteside is the youngest player in World Cup history to represent Northern Ireland. Norman who is 17 years 41 days old plays in the match against Yugoslavia in 1982

He broke Pele’s record of becoming the youngest player and helped Brazil win the 1958 World Cup in Sweden. So far, Norman’s record is unbeaten. There is also the youngest player in second place, Samuel Eto’o at 17 years and 98 days and Femi Opabunmi in third place at 17 years and 100 days.

3. Biggest World Cup victory

Like quoting, Hungary recorded the highest score of wins in history when they participated in the 1982 World Cup in Spain. At that time, Hungary won the first game against El Salvador with a final score in double figures, namely 10-1.

During this sensational match, substitute Lazlo Kiss caught the attention of the public by scoring a hat trick in the second half. Additionally, Tibor Nyilasi and Laszlo Fazekas, Gabor Poloskei, as well as Jozsef Toth also took part in the scoring.

However, Hungary then lost to defending champions Argentina in a match that saw the country fall apart in the group stage of the 1982 World Cup in Spain, despite a historic win.

4. Shame of Gijon

Incident Shame of Gijon begins with the elimination process in the group stage. At that time, Austria topped the standings with four points from two wins, while West Germany and Algeria finished second and third but had the same value.

Launch, these two countries that share the same language are well aware that a 1-0 or 2-0 win for West Germany knocks both teams out of the group stage. Seeing the opportunity, the two teams only played by passing the ball through midfield without trying to catch it, after West Germany got the points to win from Horst Hrubesch to be 1 -0.

The fans were angry with both teams, until the crowd in the stadium shouted “Fuera, fuera” which means “off, off” the pitch. Meanwhile, German commentator Eberhard Stanjek rose from his chair and Austrian commentator Robert Seeger asked viewers to turn off their televisions.

5. Paulo Rossi leads Italy to victory

Launch, Italy’s victory at the 1982 World Cup was the third victory since 1938. Italy managed to beat Germany in the last encounter with a score of 3-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu in Spain.

This success is inseparable from the man born on September 23, 1956 in Prato, Italy. namely Paul Rossi. In the 1982 World Cup, he scored the most goals with a total of six goals.

As a reward for his record in this tournament, Paul Rossi got the golden shoe award (Golden Boots) after scoring the most goals and receiving the golden ball for the tournament’s best player.


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