Alhamdulillah, Canada’s first Muslim hockey player wins the Stanley Cup

IHRAM.CO.ID, LONDON — Muslim Nazem Kadri of the National Hockey League (NHL) managed to make his hometown of Ontario, Canada proud after winning the Stanley Trophy. Kadri’s victory celebration took place at the London Mosque, Oxford Street.

It’s a remarkable achievement, especially since he’s the first Muslim player in the NHL to win. For the Muslim community and Londoners, this is a great moment. When Kadri took the stage, the audience applauded.

Kadri’s parent and Islamic School London board member Hassan Mostafa took in Kadri and his family. The celebration brought together a number of high profile figures, such as London Mayor Ed Holder, several members of the City Council and Faisal Joseph.

“As a community, we have survived and thrived in the obscurity of the few, simply because we are a proud Muslim who loves our community. In fact, Stanley Cup champions are not immune to misunderstanding racism and Islamophobia,” Joseph said.

Joseph praised Kadri above. “I want to congratulate Nazem and your family, who continue to do great things and are a national role model for all Canadians,” he added.

When Kadri entered the microphone, he expressed his gratitude for the people who came out to support him. “It’s amazing, as I sit here and think, these are the streets I grew up on. This is the mosque I used to go to and everything seemed to come full circle, so I’m very grateful, very special and honored to be the first Muslim to bring the Stanley Cup to a mosque,” he said.

Once the ceremony at the mosque was over, Kadri jumped into the fire engine with the Stanley Cup where he drove down Oxford Street then Richmond Street and ended up in Victoria Park.

Reported World News, Monday (29/8/2022), Azhar Sufi and his son, Abdullah, traveled to London from Toronto to attend the Stanley Cup Parade. As Muslims, seeing Kadri lifting the trophy was very special for them.

“It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what your background is. If you try really hard, then you can achieve anything.”

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