Alfa Romeo does not regret promoting Guanyu Zhou –

F1 News: Alfa Romeo boss Frederic Vasseur said he was happy with Guanyu Zhou’s performance as a rookie, both on and off the track.

Guanyu Zhou was able to prove himself worthy of being in Formula 1 2022 by scoring points in the opening series of the Bahrain GP and being able to repeat it at the Canadian GP.

The youngster from China was in the spotlight when he had a serious crash at the British GP. In fact, he has the opportunity to add to his collection of standings points when he appears at Silverstone.

Alfa Romeo boss Frederic Vasseur says his drivers also have a big role to play in improving the team’s position in the constructors’ standings. However, the Swiss manufacturer also has the difficult choice of choosing between Zhou or Theo Pourchare for the driver line-up next season.

However, Vasseur said he was proud of the 23-year-old’s work on and off the track.

“We had goals at the start to get into Q2, to score points this season and beyond, and he ticked all the boxes,” Vasseur said.

“So far he got through Q2 in the first race and he scored a point in Bahrain. Then he was able to improve step by step, although we had reliability issues on all sides. .”

“We didn’t tell him, but I’m more than happy he scored a point in Montreal because he deserved it. So far he has done a perfect job.”

“He also did a very good job in and out of the car, because he is a very good team player, a very good teammate.

“He always gives extra motivation to the whole staff, he has a positive attitude and for us that’s a good boost,” Vasseur said.

He also said that the obligation of Guanyu Zhou and his teammate, Valtteri Bottas, in the fight for points was very important. However, he denied this added pressure on Zhou’s shoulders.

“Pressure isn’t the right word, but at least there’s stimulation. Because if you want to fight with Alpine or McLaren, we have to score points with two cars, it’s a must.”

“Other than that, problem with stimulation and performance in the team, because Valtteri (Bottas) also needs someone who can push him and sometimes give him problems,” he added.

“For us it’s also important to have a second car to play with strategy and so on. Again, I think every moment he was there.”

“Even in terms of automotive development, he’s now at a level where he can bring his own thoughts to the system, to have his own input.”

“It was also an important step for us, to have two cars that scored points,” concluded Vasseur.

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