Al-Jabal and Alkan snow-capped mountains in Tabuk province, local tourists begin to arrive

SERAMBINEWS.COM, MEKKAH – Al-Jabal and Alkan mountains in Tabuk ProvinceNorth West Saudi Arabia envelope snow.

Reports say locals are still waiting for increased rains snowwhich is expected in the coming days, according to meteorologists.

Tourists eagerly await the rain snow planned, to equip yourself and camp in the region snow Taboo before leveling up snowas part of the weather report by the General Meteorological Authority.

Fahd Al-Tarfawi, photographer Saudi Arabia who did not miss this opportunity to Arab News, Tuesday (12/27/2022) said he rushed to the area with snow on Sunday (25/12/2022).

He wanted to document the rain snow the.

He noted that he was still expecting more precipitation, describing the current conditions as a start that could not be ignored.

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Tour guide Ahmed Al-Omrani explained snow started falling on Sunday morning (25/12/2022), but has not yet reached its usual level.

he confirmed, snow began to cover the enveloped region of Alkan snow at these times every year except for the famous area of ​​Jabal Al-Lawz.

He noted that taking pictures is only allowed in Alkan at the moment, due to major NEOM tourism development operations there.

He added, Alkan is a tourist area of ​​excellence with flat and flat terrains.

Where snow it goes down more than once a year, so it remains a tourist destination for all residents Saudi Arabiaas well as the Bay.

In fact, some Arab nationals are attracted to Tabuk, especially during snowfall.

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Al-Omrani said that Europeans chose this region, given its similarity in weather conditions with European countries, Canada and the United States.

He said that because of his work as a tourist guide, groups from the Gulf hoped to visit Tabuk in such weather every year, attracted by the rains. snow and amazing nature.

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