Agricultural Innovation Dominates West Java Appropriate Technology Competition 2022

Bandung (ANTARA) –

Innovation in the agricultural sector dominated the participants of the Appropriate Technology 2022 (TTG) which was organized by the Provincial Government of West Java (Pemprov Jabar) through the West Java Community and Village Empowerment Service .

Head of the West Java Community and Village Empowerment Service, Dicky Saromi, in Bandung, said on Wednesday that of the 19 innovations in the category of appropriate technological innovations, there are at least six agriculture-related tools/products that currently have been exhibited to the public at Bandung Regency.

“Some of them are Integrated Agricultural Integration System or Honey 3 of Tasikmalaya City. Then there is also Internet-based Hydroponic Control System (from Bekasi Regency) and Mechanical Solar Bird Repeller (from Karawang Regency),” Dicky said.

Meanwhile, in the Appropriate Superior Technology competition category, he said, there were six out of 15 agricultural tools/products that were contested.

Some of them are a minimalist and portable rice thresher from Ciamis Regency and a coconut waste chopper from Cimahi City. Dicky is grateful for the many innovations in the agricultural sector.

This is also in line with the theme of the Appropriate Technology 2022 competition at the provincial level, namely, “We are optimizing Appropriate Technology to support food security and village economic recovery.”

He hopes that with more and more innovations in this agricultural tool, he can increase the productivity of West Java, which is currently one of the national agricultural barns.

“I hope that in the future our agricultural productivity can be even better, we can be more independent by increasing local production,” he said.

Dicky added that Appropriate Technology is a bridge between traditional technology and more modern/sophisticated technologies.

Thus, the evolutionary and rooted socio-cultural aspect as well as the economic aspect is a dimension to be taken into account in the design of this TTG.

“Technically, appropriate technology is related to efficiency and suitability for society’s needs, easy to use, generates added economic value and has a positive impact on the environment,” he said.

Therefore, this TTG is also one of the strategies to face the global competition and address the various problems faced by the society.

“This competition should also be able to encourage the growth and development of creative and innovative ideas from the community to give rise to various appropriate technologies based on local benefits and potential,” he said.

Even through this appropriate technology competition, he hopes that the 39 participants composed of 19 appropriate technology innovation participants, 5 Posyantek outstanding competition participants, 15 superior appropriate technology competition participants will be able to optimize the contribution of thought, so that the existence of this activity brings significant benefits, especially for related sectors.

“The sincerity of the participants to innovate should be followed consistently in various policies that lead to the improvement of people’s well-being,” he said.

The winner of the TTG competition at the provincial level will represent West Java at the national level. “We are targeting West Java to become the national champion,” he said.

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