After Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Canadian Embassy Protesters Refuse Sangihe Mining


Islanders Sangihe, North Sulawesi, staged a protest at the Canadian Embassy, ​​Setiabudi, South Jakarta, as a sign of rejection of mining companies. Previously, they had also taken measurements at the General Directorate of Minerals and Coal, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Tebet, South Jakarta.

Surveillance At the Canadian Embassy on Thursday (7/7/2022), mass protesters were seen giving speeches. They also carried a number of banners and posters.

New Canadian Gold Corp investment threatens safety of islanders Sangihe“, read one of the banners carried by the masses.

They were heard giving speeches in front of the Canadian Embassy. They asked embassy officials to agree to meet the protesters.

However, after waiting two hours, the embassy did not want to meet with them. In fact, the protesters were ordered to write a letter through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the mediation process.

“We request that your representatives be accepted. However, their response will not be accepted as there is no letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting the Canadian Embassy to mediate between the community and the Canadian Embassy. Canada,” a police officer representing the Setiabudi Police Intelligence Unit, Iptu Musni, told the Action Masses on Thursday (7/7).

“So we coordinated with the Korlap to write a letter to the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs UP Head of the Asia-Pacific Diplomatic Sub-Directorate that tells the things you feel in the region so that it can be publicized with the Canadian Embassy,” he continued.

Hearing this, the crowd grew angry. They uttered harsh words and swear words.

“So now we are coming all the way with tens of millions of money, it is not easy for us. For us, the wealth of Sangihe is a legacy for our children and grandchildren, not for foreigners. , keep that in mind We are islanders Sangihe I don’t accept being treated like an animal!” said one speaker.

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Watch the video ‘People’s laments at the General Directorate of Minerals and Coal, demand the revocation of gold mining permits’:

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