After making landfall in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona begins to greet Canada

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Canadians are bracing for one of the strongest hurricanes in history, Fiona, which had previously “rocked” Puerto Rico.

City of CNNOn Saturday (9/24), Hurricane Fiona began to hit Nova Scotia, Canada’s most populous province.

A barometric pressure of 931.6 mb was recorded on Hart Island. This is expected to make Fiona the lowest pressure storm on record in Canada, according to the Canadian Meteorological Centre.

Wind sightings on Beaver Island in eastern Nova Scotia were recorded at 94 mph (152 km/h). Parts of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island were already starting to feel the storm coming this morning, as winds and torrential rains came in and knocked out the lights.

More than 376,000 electricity customers across Nova Scotia have experienced power outages due to weather conditions, according to the region’s power outage center.

Residents of New Brunswick, southern Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador also had to deal with bad weather as Fiona headed north at more than 40 mph (65 km/h), after landing between Canso and Guysborough in eastern Nova Scotia.

Fiona is expected to pass Cape Breton Island on Saturday morning and reach the southeast Labrador Sea by evening. “The storm produced high winds and very heavy precipitation,” the Canadian Meteorological Center said.

“Spreading gusts of 80-110 km/h (50-68 mph) have so far been reported in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and the Magdalen Islands, with maximum gusts of up to 144 km/h (90 mph) on Beaver Island, Nova Scotia,” he added.

Previously, Hurricane Fiona also occurred in Puerto Rico, destroying the Eastern Caribbean region.

As a country under the auspices of the United States, President Joe Biden has also pledged to provide 100% funding for rescue operations, debris removal, and the restoration of power to Puerto Rico.

“We want to make sure Puerto Ricans have everything, everything they could possibly need. We’re with you. We’re not going there. We mean it. We’re all in this together,” Biden told the Region 2 office. from FEMA to One World. Trade in New York.


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