After an established career in Canada, Gaery Undarsa is confident in Indonesia’s potential

Co-founder of, Gaery Undarsa told his story before creating co-founder, Gaery Undarsa said that before starting, he was living in Canada with an established career. But then he decided to return to Indonesia to build the country. According to Gaery, anything can be “something” in Indonesia.

Although at first he tried and kept trying, eventually Gaery was convinced that could become a great company. The original idea was simple, Gaery wants to make it easier for people to order ticket plane. In the past, people were quite “complicated” whenever Indonesians ordered flight tickets.

Even abroad, there are many online travel business models such as Therefore, Gaery is confident in the future of his business in the country. In addition, Indonesia consists of thousands of islands that must be reached by plane.

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In the YouTube video “JURUS SAKTI CO-FOUNDER TIKET.COM, BUILDING A COMPANY FROM ZERO TO HUNDRED BILLION VALUE”, was founded in 2011 starting with capital borrowed from a bank (KTA).

Although impressed reckless, but Gaery is confident in the full potential of his team. He also went around looking for investors. For six consecutive years, has been under the auspices of a mentor who was their first angel investor. After that they got a new partner which brought the great to today.

Gaery revealed that the selection of partners in business is very important. started with 7 people, but now there are only 3 people left.

However, Gaery and the other partners are very strong as they have been through different eras and times together. Gery also gives advice if you want to choose a partner, look for those who can fill our gaps or things that we do not master.

The secret to’s success as it is today is that it prefers to spend more of its budget on customer service. According to Gaery, customer experience satisfaction is the main thing.

Moreover, the inclusion of Djarum Group in also greatly influences the success of to date. In 2017, the Djarum group was already interested in the business model.

Finally, Gaery reminds young people that the real failure is when you don’t dare to take risks. Because if we don’t take risks, we won’t move forward.

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