Abandoned Sentinels at Lower Support at LCQ NA, Smudges VALORANT Shroud Debut

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Esports News: Sentinels (SEN) have dropped to the Lower Bracket in the North America (NA) region of the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) after losing to The Guard via a 2-1 scoreline. The result tarnished former CS:GO star Shroud’s debut on the VALORANT esports scene.

As FPS fans know, the Canadian-born man is one of the former professional CS:GO players who is good at playing various shooters other than Counter-Strike on his personal Twitch channel as a streamer. , after retiring from competition.

Now, Shroud is making his return to esports and causing an uproar among his fans, especially because of the game he chose, VALORANT, when he decided to play with SEN on July 8, 2022.

It also made the Sentinels vs Guard match at the LCQ NA attract a lot of public attention, even setting a new viewership record, which reached around 600,000 spectators.

In a match against former NA 2022 Challengers champions, Shroud recorded a Triple Kill and Clutch on the Breeze map as one of his first VALORANT acts. The player known by his nickname “Aimbot” collaborates with another Aimbot, TenZ, very popular on VALORANT.

Although looking very strong with the new team roster dominated by former CS:GO champions, SEN in the NA LCQ region were unable to match the strength of The Guard, the best team in North America this season.

NA Idols won the first map, Breeze, via a scoreline of 15:13, but lost the second map Ascent (10:13) and the third map in Icebox which went into overtime with a narrow score loss of 13 :15.

Launched from Esports ID, SEN competing in the bottom bracket was something fans didn’t expect as TenZ and others qualified for Champions 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey in September 2022.

Sentinel’s journey in LCQ NA will continue in the lower bracket as you face off between Shopify Rebellion and Cloud9.

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