A mysterious brain disease is spreading among young Canadians

A mysterious brain disease first emerged in Canada in 2019.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Doctors in Canada still haven’t found a bright spot about mysterious brain disease which first emerged in 2019. Apart from finding a trend that this disease affects young people, those who treat patients are also said to be infected and show similar symptoms.

The disease has caused confusion and fear among health officials, especially in the affected region of New Brunswick. Symptoms noted by healthcare workers included memory problems, muscle spasms, balance problems, difficulty walking or falling, hallucinations, unexplained weight loss and pain in the limbs.

This disease is similar to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), a rare and fatal brain disease. One form is known as mad cow disease or mad cow disease.

To Guardian, an agent with Vitalité Health Network, one of the two provincial health authorities, said the disease develops in young people. This fact is quite surprising, since young people are generally not at risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases.

“I’m really concerned about this case because the disease seems to be progressing very quickly. I’m worried about their condition, and we still owe them an explanation,” the anonymous employee explained. The sunWednesday (5/1/2022).

Reported case reports of the disease include a young mother who lost around 25.4 kilograms and developed insomnia and hallucinations. The woman in her 30s lost the ability to speak, drooled heavily and is now being fed through a tube.

His nurse, a nursing student in her twenties, recently started showing symptoms of the same condition. In another puzzling case, a woman suddenly started losing muscle mass and developed dementia and hallucination after treating her husband, a patient suspected of having balance and speech difficulties.

About 48 cases have been confirmed by Public Health New Brunswick (SPNB), a figure that has not changed in two years. But there are thought to be around 150 other unconfirmed cases.

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