A “giant” storm reaching 130 km/h hits Canada

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Hurricane Fiona made landfall in Eastern Canada local time, knocking out power and washing homes into the sea, as quoted by AFP, Sunday (09/25/2022).

The storm battered the area with high winds and rain. “We’ve never seen this before,” said a police officer.

Two women were reportedly washed away at sea in Newfoundland and are still under further investigation. During this time, a carried away person was rescued.

Mayor Brian Button said the current situation is completely destroyed. “It’s worse than we could have imagined”

Rene Roy, editor of the Channel-Port Aux Basques newspaper said. “These are the strongest winds we have ever seen. Several houses were swept away,” he said.

Photo: Toronto Star via Getty Images/Rick Madonik
Homes damaged by Post-Tropical Storm Fiona continued to batter Sydney, NS, Canada on Saturday (24/9/2022). Torrential rains and high winds hit Canada’s Atlantic region when Hurricane Fiona hit Saturday morning as a severe post-tropical cyclone, and Canada’s weather forecast warned it could become the one of the strongest hurricanes in the country. (Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

By late afternoon, nearly 500,000 homes were left without power when the storm hit. The storm also uprooted countless trees and tore roofs and buildings.

“Power lines are down everywhere,” said Erica Fleck, Halifax’s deputy regional emergency firefighter, adding that it was not safe for residents to be on the streets at the time.

Fiona brought hurricane winds of 80 miles per hour or 130 kilometers as it rushed towards Canada, having previously hit the Caribbean, meteorologists said.

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